LDP Dance Company a new work [Triple Bill]


LDP Dance Company a new work [Triple Bill]


預約服務 公演票務

2019.09.26 ~ 2019.09.29
130 分鐘
R座 : 一般 : 55,000
S座 : 一般 : 45,000
A座 : 一般 : 35,000



A contemporary dance company that boasts the largest fan base in Korea and continues to steadily and actively present works for 19 years ever since its foundation in 2001, LDP(Laboratory Dance Project) will present three new creations in collaboration with LG Arts Center for the second time since 2015. LDP strives to carry out its creative endeavors and sustain its repertories through invitation performances in Germany, England, Portugal, Sweden, Israel, and the United States and regular performances that present new creations. It is a group of heated passion, the beating heart of Korean contemporary dance scene. For those who have witnessed countless LDP dancers expand their career as a choreographer, including Changho SHIN, Jinyeob CHA, Youngjin KIM, Dongkyu KIM, Pansun KIM, Sunghoon KIM, Jaeduk KIM, Bora KIM, you could not help but agree that LDP is the true treasure house of Korean contemporary dance.
Triple Bill will consist of three new creations choreographed so that the LDP dancers?the core strength of the company?will be able to freely occupy the stage with their distinctive LDP characteristics. The three choreographers are Youngdoo
JUNG, an inventive choreographer who tenaciously explores the delicate movements of the body and distills them into his own artistic language; Dongkyu KIM, currently the representative of LDP and a choreographer capable of maximizing the potential of the company’s dancers; and Seoljin KIM, who continues to expand the boundary of contemporary dance through the stage and media after having encountered the Korean audience upon Peeping Tom’s presentation of 32 rue Vandenbranden. While all three works will be bringing together the superb dancing skills and unique characteristic of LDP dancers, each stage will be different from each other
LDP has thus far brought new energy into the contemporary dance scene with its witty ideas, powerful energy, and active interaction with the public. This spirit will come together with the expertise of three choreographers, ready to leap into the next level. Do not miss this stage, returned with more precision, more refinement, and more passion.


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