Ballet Preljocaj [La Fresque]


Ballet Preljocaj [La Fresque]


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2019.11.01 ~ 2019.11.03
80 分鐘
R座 : 一般 : 80,000
S座 : 一般 : 60,000
A座 : 一般 : 40,000


A magnificent modern ballet created by the top French choreographer

Angelin Preljocaj is the foremost leading figure of French dance, known for the balance he has achieved between the grace of classical ballet and the radicality of modern dance. He will present his work for the first time at LG Arts Center with his company ‘Ballet Preljocaj,’ introducing his newest creation La Fresque. Preljocaj studied classical ballet before turning to contemporary dance and made his debut in 1984 as a choreographer. He immediately drew attention from the dance scene with his graceful and sensuous movements, unique aesthetics, radical interpretations, and superb choreographic techniques. From the 1990s he choreographed for world’s major ballet companies, such as the Lyon Opera Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, New York City Ballet, and Bolshoi Ballet. From 2006, Preljocaj and his dance company entered The Pavillon Noir, the first French dance creation center established in Aix-en-Provence, presenting 1-2 new creations every year as the permanent choreographer. Winning many awards for his choreography, including ‘Benois de la Danse’ and ‘Bessie Award’, as well as receiving the ‘Officier des Arts et des Lettres’ from the French government, he is certainly the most representative choreographer of France.
He has created over 50 works over the past 30 years, and his works continue to shock the audience with a polished style and unique interpretation. In 1990, for Romeo et Juliette, he reinterpreted the classic by replacing the setting into a controlled class society of the future; and in 2014, he visited Korea with Snow White, in which the desire of an adolescent girl conflicted with that of a grown-up woman.
The motif of his newest creation La Fresque is based on the story of ‘the Painting on the Wall’ from Liaozhai Zhiyi, a Chinese storybook. It tells the tale of a man who visits an ancient temple, sees a long-haired woman on the wall painting, and is lured into the world inside the picture. Based on his creative and concise choreography, Preljocaj added perfection to the work by bringing in brilliant lighting and costume. In particular, the expressive dancers with superb physique will convince the audience on how beautiful a human movement can be. If you are longing for a modern ballet piece that excels in every dimension, La Fresque is an opportunity not to be missed.


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